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Rock yoga

At rock yoga, mellow rock music will be playing while during the practice. Rock yoga is for everyone and there is no need to have tried yoga before to take part. Participants will get some good stretches and twists which will help rejuvenate the body after nights on stiff mattresses and crazy dancing at concerts.The meditation will calm the mind and help participants to be in the now and enjoy the festival even better.

Beer yoga

At beer yoga you will be gliding gracefully between yoga position with a beer in hand. The yoga instructor will instruct you when you can take a sip of your beer and it will taste even better than it has ever done before.

Everyone is welcome!



The pier below Egilsbúð if the weather allows. If the weather is not good we'll be at Nesgata 7A (same house as Origo).


Thursday July 11th at 11:00

Friday July 12th at 11:15

Saturday July 13th at 12:00

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