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  • What is Eistnaflug?
    Eistnaflug started out as a small one day metal festival on the 27th of August 2005. In the intervening years it has grown into a four day festival where metal, hardcore, punk, rock, and indie bands share the stage. In 2015 Eistnaflug was taken to another level with a move to a larger venue, featuring over 60 bands. In 2019 we are going back to our roots and moving our venue back to Egilsbúð where it all started. Musically, Eistnaflug is a remarkable melting pot, with a few selected, prime foreign acts stacking up against a massive selection of all the great things the Icelandic music scene has to offer each year. Among foreign bands that have graced the Eistnaflug stage are: Amorphis (FI), Behemoth (PL), Enslaved (NO), Carcass (UK), At the Gates (SE), Havok (US), Triptykon (CH), Napalm Death (UK), Opeth (SE), Secrets of the Moon (DE), Rotting Christ (GR), The Monolith Deathcult (NL), Contradiction (DE) and Cephalic Carnage (US). Among notable Icelandic bands are Sólstafir, Dimma, Auðn, Une Misère, The Vintage Caravan, Skálmöld and Brain Police. AGE LIMIT FOR THE FESTIVAL IS 18 YEARS AND IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY THAT COUNTS.
  • What kind of weather can I expect?
    Bring your sunglasses, a light rain parka and your warm sweater. If you’re staying at the campsite please make sure your tent can stand a fair bit of rain You can download the weather app at Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Can’t find it in your app store? While in your app store, just type VEDUR to find the app and install. Select language under Settings (Stillingar).
  • Can I be an idiot at Eistnaflug?
    NO! You cannot be an idiot at Eistnaflug! “Bannað að vera fáviti” (politely “Being an idiot is forbidden”) is our motto and we mean it. If you encounter someone being an idiot just find an Eistnaflug team member, let them know and they’ll have the situation handled. Not so politely, no bullshit will be tolerated! Take care of yourself, each other and leave the town as you found it. We are extremely proud that the people of Neskaupstaður welcome us back every year and there has never been any conflict between festival guests and the townspeople. We would like to keep it that way.
  • What currency is in use in Iceland and do you accept cards?
    The Icelandic króna is the currency in Iceland. You can exchange many foreign currencies at Keflavík International Airport (KEF). Eistnaflug accepts both VISA and Mastercard debit and credit cards. Contact your card issuer/bank for associated fees they may impose (Eistnaflug does not impose fees).
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