If you travel to Eistnaflug from Reykjavik, you have a few options.

Firstly you can check our Facebook Guest Group (, you might be able to find a person offering a free seat in his/her car or looking for a free seat in yours to lower the petrol money down. Pals from the first kilometers, eh! 

Secondly, you can rent a car from companies like which we highly recommend as we have been collaborating for years and we got nothing but high quality service. You can drive from Reykjavik to Neskaupstaður taking the ring road from the south, or the north, it’s the same time of driving (over 9 hours). The journey is stunning and full of scenic landscapes. Take a look at the map of our sight-seeing suggestions below and for many more, follow websites like Do not forget to download our Eistnaflug’s Spotify list on your way!


You can also take a bus on your own. Take the bus no 57 from Reykjavik to Akureyri (6 hours) and then 56 to Egilsstaðir. And then only 50 min left to Neskaupstaður with another bus. There will be free buses from the Egilsstaðir airport to the festival three times per day.


Follow for details on bus fare, which bus stops to use etc for the bus to Akureyri and to Egilsstaðir.

When you arrive in Egilsstaðir by bus or by plane you need to take a bus that leaves from Egilsstaðir airport to Neskaupstaður. Same bus also goes from Neskaupstaður to Egilsstaðir airport. Below is info on it's schedule and stops. 

From Egilsstaðir airport:

Weekdays: 9:00am and 16:15pm.

ATTN: On wed July 10th at 9:00am and 16:35pm.

Saturday morning: 10:10am.

From Neskaupstaður: 

Weekdays: 6:50am and 14:10pm.

Saturday morning: 8:00am.

There are bus stops at four different places in Neskaupstaður. At Nesbakki (on your way to the camp ground), at Mýrargata just above the hospital, at Miðstræti just above Egilsbúð and at Orkan petrol station which is at the edge of town.


Sunday July 14th the bus will leave 3x from Neskaupstaður at 8:00am, 14:00pm and 18:30pm. When leaving Neskaupstaður it will go from the parking lot at the local children's school and from the parking lot across the street from Hildibrand hotel.


The quickest travel option is to take a plane to Egilsstaðir (EGS). You will spend 50 minutes flying over some of the most spectacular landscapes in Iceland. Air Iceland Connect ( flies from the domestic airport at 107 Reykjavik (not to be confused with the international Keflavik-Reykjavik airport in Keflavik) and a few other locations throughout Iceland like Ísafjörður. The flights in high season are three times per day. The flight takes up till 1 hour. Those are 60 minutes of breath taking views accompanied with excitement. 

On arrival at Egilsstaðir (EGS), you can either take our festival bus to Neskaupstaður (, which will be waiting after every flight outside the airport, or rent your own car (