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ALCOHOLIA - Metal Karaoke [IS]


07.07-09.07 @ TBA

ALCOHOLIA is Iceland‘s biggest, best and brightest (and most importantly only) metal karaoke party band!


Have you ever dreamt of stepping on stage to sing with a group of professional, talented, sober and well behaved musicians?

If so, this is definitely not what you‘re looking for and you should probably just go to a regular live karaoke for lame ass normies that don‘t know how to party!


When sharing the stage with Alcoholia, you might find yourself thinking „I‘m too drunk to see... What were the damn lyrics again!?“ and „will I hit this next high note?“ and „do I know how to scream the next verse?“ or maybe even „I wonder if the bass player is going to vomit on the floor or on me... OH GOD HE‘S TURNING TOWARDS ME. AAAAH THERE‘S VOMIT EVERYWHERE“.


Prepare for battle.

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