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07.07-09.07 @ TBA

In a land of darkness, glaciers and volcanoes, Alchemia forge their specialty blend of heavy metal riffs, killer grooves and melodic lines as if they’ve done nothing else for the past centuries. The music that emerges is a mix of refreshing and exciting yet
familiar heavy rock that spans across several subgenres, but is always grounded to the band’s heavy metal and rock roots.

Alchemia began its existence in 2007 and has been making music, releasing albums and playing live ever since. The band has written, produced and released 4 full length
albums to date, Alchemia (2010), Insanity (2014), Lunatic Lullabies (2016) and New Reality (2021), as well as several singles. They have toured Iceland extensively and played at festivals like Eistnaflug, Jack Live, Wacken Metal Battle (2nd place) and many more. They have also toured Eastern Europe twice and have received praise for their performances wherever they go.

Eager to continue their musical journey the band has already started work on their fifth album which will be recorded in the summer of 2022.

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