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From a land blanketed in blackened volcanic ash, extreme cold that works its way not only under your skin, but penetrates deeper, getting its icy grip into the marrow of your bones. The unorthodox approach that drives this music is in no way easy to digest. Elegantly it yields piercing ambience while utilizing elements of bleak, post metal sensibilities to intersperse texture throughout the prevailing maelstrom that is the world of Zhrine.

With tours on three continents under their belt, Zhrine immediately made themselves out to be contenders for the mantle of the "most promising" Icelandic extreme metal band. Their debut Unortheta nails the right combination of orthodox BM and progressive traits expected to hear pouring out of Iceland. Even if this approach is arguably a little too popular these days, the mere fact that Zhrine have seen it capable to stand out is a testament to their strength and potential.

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