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Wednesday 10/7 @ 22:20

xGADDAVÍRx is a straight edge hardcore band from Akranes, Iceland. The band was established in April 2017 and worked quickly to write songs and play a number of shows. They released their first EP “Lífið er refsing” in July 2017, which gathered the attention of people inside as well as outside the Icelandic hardcore scene. Their second release came in February 2018, a split/collab with Icelandic electronic musician AAIIEENN simply titled “xGADDAVÍRx & AAIIEENN”. These releases and their hard work earned them a place at festivals such as Eistnaflug in 2018, and Norðanpaunk in both 2017 and 2018.


The themes of the music played by xGADDAVÍRx are (but are not limited to): going sober, addiction, mental health, and shitty Icelandic small town life.


xGADDAVÍRx on Facebook

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