Friday 12/7 @ 16:50

Volcanova was founded in the summer of 2014 with Ögmundur Kárason on drums and Samúel Ásgeirsson on guitar and vocals. Hörður Lúðvíksson joined the band in 2016 on bass. After a year Hörður and Ögmundur left the band and Þorsteinn Árnason (bass and vocals) and Dagur Atlason (drums and vocals) joined the band.


Things really started to happen in late 2017 when the band started to do a fair amount of shows over the next months with bands like Brain Police, The Vintage Caravan and Elder. People started noticing the band and the vocal harmonising they were doing with a mixture of heavy and catchy riffs, essentially influenced by the enormous stoner scene.

The band is currently working hard on their first LP and released their first single “Super Duper Van last fall. as a follow up they played a few shows in England and Scotland and were well accepted.


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