Saturday 13/7 @ 22:15

Primordial‘s roots go back to 1987 when Ciáran MacUiliam and Pól MacAmhlaigh, then in their early teens, founded a band and started practicing, covering songs by bands like Slayer, Sepultura, D.R.I and Sodom. In 1991 the band, then called Mortus, recruited singer Alan Averill (aka, A.A. Nemtheanga) and in 1993 the released their first and only demo “Dark Romanticism” under the name of Primordial.


In 1995 the released “imrama” with Cacophonous Records and that but them on the map as a Melodic Black Metal band and from that they develpoped towards Celtic folk music tradition with the addition of mandolins and whistles. From the release of Imrama the band went between labels until the release of “The Gathering Wilderness” with Metal Blade in 2005. Then the audience was faced with a darker and rawer Primordial than before. It made it to several top lists and was named Terrorizer Magazine’s album of the year. They have remained with Metal Blade and their latest album “Exile Amongst the Ruins” was released on March 30th 2018.


Primordial play Celtic Folk/Black Metal and are definitely one of the bands you can not miss in 2019.