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Amongst metal circles, Iceland gets the seal of approval when it comes to the extreme field of music – acts like SÓLSTAFÍR, KONTINUUM and AUDN, but also young classic rockers such as THE VINTAGE CARAVAN have carried the music from the island state in the farthest corner of the European North West out into the world. POWER PALADIN, launched in Reykjavík in 2017 as Iceland’s first and only Power Metal band, is now enriching the volcanic island. POWER PALADIN draw their influence from fantasy literature and the Heavy Metal greats of the 80s and 90s such as EDGUY, RHAPSODY, HELLOWEEN and BLIND GUARDIAN. The sextet holds a certain glam-touch and loves to ride past magical forests, castles and fire-breathing dragons at maximum speed. The mammoth hymn “Kraven The Hunter”, POWER PALADIN’s debut limited 7“ single, simultaneously marks the first physical release on ATOMIC FIRE. It’s quite a fitting debut for such an unparalleled catchy tune, which is in no way inferior to the full-length debut album, euphonically entitled “With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel”. The band offers up hyper-melodic, fast, but always catchy Power Metal, all of the above reflecting one main topic: fun! Recorded in the summer of 2020, the nine numbers will finally be revealed to the metal community that has gained an absolute highlight. POWER PALADIN undoubtedly holds the future!

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