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Saturday 13/7 @ 01:20

Anyone familiar with Eistnaflug knows that we host an end-of-festival disco where you can shake your money maker to your heart's content. Yes. A disco. And it's a blast!


Who's heading up the Eistnaflug disco? None other than Páll Óskar!


Páll Óskar is one of Iceland's most beloved songwriter, performer, DJ, and actor. Páll's musical life began when he was a child and has never stopped, receiving his first international attention in 1997 as Iceland's entry at the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2018 he graced the stage in Reykjavík's production of the Rocky Horror Show as Frank-N-Furter. His writing and performances consist of a wide variety of music so he offers a little something for everyone.

Páll Óskar on Facebook

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