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Metalheads Against Bullying

Established in Norway in 2015, this important non-profit is the only anti-bullying organization connected to the rock and metal music scene. Metalheads Against Bullying contributions are vast, but it all begins with starting a dialogue about the impact of bullying in the lives of children and young people.


One important initiative of the organization is "Prettier Scars" - where Metalheads Against Bullying, in co-operation with a tattoo studio, have so far given away 65 free tattoos to cover up scars after self-harm. They know how big of a difference it can be for many people to get an opportunity like this and how much it means. Self-harm is a difficult subject to talk about, and a lot of people struggle with work-related issues, as well as in their personal lives. They have also seen that many have difficulties making friends. 

Prettier Scars initiative at Eistnaflug

Because of how well this important initiative of Metalheads Against Bullying was received they are continuing with it and this year at Eistnaflug they will, in cooperation with Bleksmiðjan, give away two tattoos to cover up scars. 

If you are in need of a cover up tattoo send an email to leif.mab (at) with your info. Reasons why you need a cover up tattoo are not needed, just your name and contact info. The tattoo sessions will be on saturday July 13th.

Metalheads Against Bullying will also be hosting a panel on bullying on friday July 12th at 13:00-14:30 at Safnahúsið. 

Also check out our merch room because there you'll be able to buy Metalheads Against Bullying merchandise and perhaps meet with one of their representatives.


To learn more about this exciting and important organization check out their Facebook or website.

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