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Merkúr - photoshoot2.JPG

07.07-09.07 @ TBA

Originating from the land of ice and snow, Merkúr is a four piece
Icelandic band on the heavier side, hailing from the small island of
Vestmannaeyjar just south of the Icelandic mainland.
Merkúr are known for their hard and melodic take on classic thrash
metal and have been rocking the socks off of people all around Iceland

since the bands inception in 2017.

In the short time since the bands formation the islanders have been
hard at work carving themselves a place in the underground metal

scene in Iceland.

During lockdown Merkúr has been working hard on a debut full length
album titled “Melancholia”. The first two singles “Blind” and “Fall
Down” were praised for their unique sound and tightness. After
spending considerable time in the studio the album is now complete

and is set for a summer release.

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