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07.07-09.07 @ TBD

HYLUR’s main goal is to bring people together and make great memories. That’s why the members started a rock band that focuses on making a powerful and entertaining live show.


HYLUR is an Icelandic rock band, consisting of 4 childhood friends.

The 4 members originally played under the name Melophobia and released 1 album and an EP in 2017 and 2018. 


In 2019 the band went on a European tour and when they returned back home to Iceland they decided that they wanted to take the sound in a new direction and changed the band’s name.


HYLUR finished their debut EP and released the singles: Me, myself & I, and Party Queen in the fall of 2020. Me, myself & I received a lot of attention on the Icelandic rock radio station X977. The song reached number 5 on their Top Twenty list and it remained on there for 10 weeks.


Since then HYLUR’s music has received a lot of attention and more songs reached X977’s Top Twenty list.


HYLUR was nominated in two categories at the Icelandic listeners choice awards 2022 - “ Rock artist of the year" and "Best new artist”.

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