Aragrúi [IS]

Aragrui is a dark indie band from Selfoss, Iceland which is known for gloomy and moody yet catchy songs

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Blóðmör [IS]

Founded in Kópavogur, Iceland in 2016 Blóðmör plays hardrock tingled with punk.

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Bruðl [IS]

BruÐl is a garage band which was founded in 2015 in the small town of Stokkseyri, Iceland.

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DDT Skordýraeitur [IS]

DDT is a local punk band from the town of Neskaupstaður founded in 2015 by four teachers from the local high school


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Ekkert [IS]

Ekkert is a feminist punk band that performs songs about the frustrations of everyday life, sex, violence and the ridiculousness of other people.

The Moronic [IS]

Formed in 2018 by members of Norn, Spünk and BlackTar, The Moronic turned heads from the start with their frantic, loud, rude and aggressive live performances.

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Sárasótt [IS]

Sárasótt from the east fjords town Stöðvarfjörður are known for their songs about everything from homosexuality to coffee and done so very, very loudly.

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Thingtak [IS]

An Icelandic power trio with one album out and another on its way.

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Tuð [IS]

Punk band, Tuð was founded one autumn evening by three bitter coworkers. They have gained a good reputation for their very animated stage performance.

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Alcholia [IS]

Alcoholia is an Icelandic cover band that plays a diverse selection of covers. The band has held many kinds of tribute concerts in Iceland, for example a Nirvana tribute concert as well as concerts featuring songs by many diverse bands. The band‘s Motörhead tribute concerts, of which there have been 3, have been widely praised and done exceedingly well.



Alcoholia will be at Eistnaflug 2019 and are going to put on one of their Motörhead tribute concerts, as well as hosting a karaoke gig concert where festivalgoers will be invited to try their best at various rock hits.